Goodwill Brand Development

With the shifting retail landscape, it was time to take a look at how Goodwill could develop as a brand to stay relevant, reach a wider audience, and keep doing good for the world.

Applications of logotype
for independent organizations.
​​​​​​​In order to fund the company's mission, Goodwill Industries developed a network of independent, local Goodwills that cater their operations to the needs and wants of their immediate communities. There are 158 community-based, autonomous organizations in the United States and Canada with a presence in 12 other countries.
How we got there
Getting input from consumers​​​​​​​
Based on business drivers & market research,  we brainstormed possible growth opportunities for Goodwill Industries (with a strong focus on Goodwill Southern California). We then developed a survey to reach out directly to consumers and get their take on pain points and possible avenues for growth.
Brand ChallengeS
[1]  Appeal to new audiences, with an emphasis on younger generations.
[2]  Do so by elevating the consumer experience and perceived quality of the Goodwill brand name.
[3]  Continue to be an environmentally conscious business.
GSC Value proposition
There are three things you can count on every time you shop goodwill.
[1]  You're saving money.
[2]  You're enabling professional and economic growth for those who are at a disadvantage.
[3]  You're reducing humanity's environmental footprint.
When you go to a Goodwill thrift store you're not just shopping for a new outfit,
you're shopping for the greater Good.
We then took a look at brand touchpoints and opportunities for Goodwill Industries to deliver on their new brand experience attributes throughout every step of the customer journey. 
Project Details
Client //  Goodwill Industries*
Year //  2018
[1] Cascade Alliance State of the Retail Thrift Industry Analysis. 2017. 
[2] Thrift Stores - US Market Research Report. IBIS World.  

[3] on Gen Z

*This is self-initiated work and does not reflect on the official  Goodwill Industries.. 
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